My name is Chantal Coetzee better known as Charney. I am 39 years old ( this is my age but I am so young at heart), born on the 07 September 1979, in a small town in South Africa- Pietermaritzburg. I have been living in Johannesburg South Africa since the age of 19 years old. I am a single mother of three kids.
I am currently working for a BIG Mining and Construction company, very well known internationally. I am a SHEQ Administrator at the company ( Safety, Health, Environmental, and Quality). I have been with the company for 6 years, I have been in this industry for +/-10 years now, before that I worked in 2 Clothing and Manufacturing companies- at the first place I was a Receptionist, from there they moved me over to be a Personal Assistant for the Managing Director, Factory Manager, and Sales Manager- worked there for 5 years. I was given another opportunity at another Clothing/Manufacturing company- I worked in Accounts and did their Creditors. From there that’s when my career in the Mining and Construction Industry came- a total change from what I was used to but I really enjoyed it compared to what I did before.
 My passion is helping people, especially young girls, this is why in many of my blog posts I speak about my life experiences so that maybe young ladies can learn from me. I always kept a diary while growing up ( I wish I still had them). I am the eldest sister of 4 girls. The sister after me, her name was Jocelyn was my best friend, she passed away in 2002 (17 years ago), my life totally changed after her death. While I was mourning my sister’s death a lady I worked with told me to rather write how I feel, because I just could not talk about my feelings, and that’s how I dealt with my sister’s death. Then last year I went through a BIG change in my life (all in my blog), that’s when my blogging journey began- maybe someone needs to hear my stories so that they never feel alone.
cbs ii
So here I am, every day trying to be a better person for my kids, for myself.
I feel so free now that I can express myself in such a way and people are listening.

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