Annette Greenwood is a straight-talking down to earth woman with a warm-spirited often wicked sense of humor.

Success came to her in the strangest of ways…..

Annette suffered from severe depression and anxiety. Having found conventional treatments unhelpful she then found Adaptation Practice (AP) a radically different approach.

AP is based on authentic Zen Buddhist practice and involves daily meditation. It not only helped Annette overcome depression and anxiety but changed her life completely. Rather than remain a victim of circumstances, AP led Annette to her calling: to help others cope with life’s difficulties and challenges the same way she had been helped.

It is through finding her deeply intuitive and spiritual side that Annette became a Life Coach. Her unique specialism of coaching in a women’s prison gave Annette great insight into the minds and life ‘inside’ for prostitutes, the fraudster’s even murderers. Sharing their innermost secrets it was here the seeds of her first novel ‘Imprisoned Heart’ were born, now available on Amazon.

As well as a passion for writing Annette is highly skilled and offer personal coaching, predominantly working with women. With over a decade’s experience, she works globally, empowering women on how to recover from life’s personal heartaches and professional setbacks.

Annette’s website describes her journey into coaching as well as informative, inspiring blogs. Her Facebook page shares tips and interactive videos on a variety of topics.

Annette lives a simple lifestyle in her rural countryside home. Some of her favorite hobbies include Tai Chi, Nordic walking and trying new recipes. With an open heart, she puts her wisdom down to AP which involves daily meditation, overcoming adversities, having a loving husband, family, and friends plus a huge dose of laughter.

She hopes that Imprisoned Heart touches the lives and hearts of women, as a gift, in the same way, it did for her as the author.

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Twitter @ AGLifecoach

Instagram annette_greenwood

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