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An adventurer by nature, hustler by choice. Alessandra is an international entrepreneur, investor, and speaker based between the UK and the US. She grew up in Switzerland, one of the reasons why she became fluent in 6 different languages. She started exhibiting an entrepreneurial mindset early on – aged 11, Alessandra started reselling books and toys with a friend in front of a large exhibition. At 16, Alessandra started being interested in the stock market and learning about value investing. During high school, she also started focusing her studies on neuroscience while working as a windsurf and snowboard instructor. To this day, she describes that as the “coolest job” out there! Alessandra first got involved in the tech startup scene during her time at Oxford University. She discovered bitcoin in 2012 and started learning about its potential. In parallel, she also began making small biotech investments in order to learn more about that sector. After graduating with a Master’s degree and covering product in early-stage ventures, Alessandra worked in private equity at Blackstone and in venture capital at Mosaic Ventures. She is the founder of Evermore Health, a dynamic lifestyle brand in health & nutrition with a range of sustainably-sourced, high-quality adaptogens that target functional benefits such as skin health and detox. Alessandra is an active board director and advisor to several blockchain projects. She’s the youngest member of her Oxford degree’s advisory board. In parallel to her day-to-day activities, Alessandra and her team are currently working on producing a book about the blockchain industry and on launching a private community in the impact sector.  Across her public online channels, Alessandra is an engaged and influential voice on some key global issues of our time, such as the climate crisis and the short-term nature of decision-making in our modern democratic systems. She tries to walk the talk, whether it’s by helping sustainable businesses or by sharing her opinions about the current business environment. In her free time, Alessandra enjoys various creative activities and is very passionate about extreme sports such as kitesurfing. She advocates a healthy and committed way of living. Alessandra believes in the saying that “There’s good in the bad and bad in the good. It all depends on your perspective!”

Evermore on Instagram + Twitter
Alessandra on Instagram + Twitter

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