Weird & Liberated is a lifestyle blogger from East London, a small city on the coast of South Africa. She enjoys relaxing by the beach, reading, and writing. She started writing because she found it very therapeutic as it helped her through some really tough times. She enjoys writing about personal experiences and issues close to her heart. She dreams of one day writing a book of her own as she has been inspired by books she’s read such as Love, Rosie, and The Fault in Our Stars and is also inspired by life experiences.

She comes from a family of four and has a younger sister who inspires her a lot. She lives with her mom at home. Weird & Liberated is a coffee and chocolate addict, at some point, she drank about 6 cups a day!

Her favorite thing about blogging and the blogging community is getting to connect with so many interesting and passionate, like-minded people. Weird & liberated has never found a more welcoming community and loves being a part of it. She started blogging more seriously towards the end of last year and came back with a fresh attitude and a new image. Some of you might previously know her as Weird20Something.

Being fit and healthy is an important aspect of her life. She started worrying about fitness from an early age and played a few sports such as netball growing up. She enjoys spending time at the gym and also does some Taebo at home. Fitness shouldn’t feel like a chore, it’s important for people to find just 1 physical activity that keeps them strong and healthy.

Passionate about women empowerment, she believes that women should never be afraid to shine and be who they really are. A woman can be both gorgeous and smart and should never feel that she is forced to choose between the two because young girls need more role models like that.

She believes education is very important and decided to pursue a degree after dropping out of varsity a few years ago. It is never too late to become the person you have always wanted to be or to chase your dreams and smash your goals. Having a sense of purpose in life is what drives her to continue blogging. She believes that if you feel that you have a gift that you would like to share with the world you should just go ahead, share it and be your genuine, authentic self.

Her sister was the person who gave her the confidence to take her blogging to the next level and keep striving to be a better writer.


Weird & Liberated





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