What is Women Are Roses and what does it all mean?

Women Are Roses The Book


Women Are Roses is a moment to show women around the world their worth or their value to society. We are spreading this message both by hosting our annual event called, Women Are Roses Award Ceremony and within our Women Are Roses BOOK which shares the stories of ten authors. All proceeds from the book go directly to our organization WomenWithGifts.org

We are no longer singing we are women hear us roar but we are merely saying hear our stories and believe us without judgment!

Most of us paint the grass green in our minds, we paint the picket fences white in our minds and we put on the best facades for others because we care about what others feel and think about us. Simply because we don’t want to let others down. We really do deserve the Oscars Awards ladies because we do it best. Believe it or not, women we are the best actresses.

Sometimes we should be able to tell our truth without having to explain ourselves. Sometimes we should be able to tell our truths to the world without the feeling of being judged. Sometimes as women we attempt to overcompensate for the things that we have and things that we don’t. Most of our lives we have been forced fed so many fairytales that we have attempted to shape our personal lives to mirror a fairytale.

Love is a full package that we forget to unwrap slowly. We don’t treat love like the packages we get at Christmas where we don’t want to tear wrapping paper. We don’t want to cut the bow. Sometimes we as women unwrap our packages a little to fast for people that could care less. Sometimes we don’t realize that we are prey or targets for men or people in general that have nothing to lose by ruining our lives but have everything to gain while they are in a relationship with us.

Some of us pass over men that will treat us to nice dinners and roses for men that are broke and jobless. Why? Because being with someone that is not up to our standards gives us a challenge. It could be a small challenge like if the man drinks we spend more time trying to force him to stop or to limit his drinking. The same technique would go for smoking too. So essentially instead of being in a relationship, we are too busy being foster moms to an adoptee that wasn’t on our level in the first place. We as women don’t have a sign on us that reads kick me or treat me like dirt, most of us learn to be treated poorly by our very own relatives and close family members. So essentially being mistreated and accepting mistreatment is a learned behavior.

If most of us thought about it long and hard we would realize that we have stayed with people who cheated on us, beat on us either mentally, physically or both, or in the words of Iyanla Vanzant they are guttersnipes, but we have stayed. Sadly the more the man takes us through hell and back the more we spray out more love.

Every met a woman who has dated or married a guy that’s currently serving time in jail? What about that woman you know who get dropped off at work in her car every day by her husband or boyfriend and she got off work at 5pm and she waits on him to pick her up well after quitting time? Every met the woman who brags on her man but no one has ever met him or even seen pictures? Why do they do it? Why do we do it? Why do we attempt to build up other people’s image when they could care less about our image or feelings? We do it because we are lovers and nurturers from birth. In addition to being lovers from birth, mostly everything we read as women teach us to love, love regardless and love in spite of. Regardless of the lack of understanding, lack of attention, or the lack of the real type of sex that we crave, we ultimately learn to take the bumps and bruises and keep on moving.

Because most of the things we read include a mom, dad, and children, anything outside of those dynamics a lot of us start out feeling broken or lost. Especially since a lot of us, most of us may have started a family as a single mother without the man or marriage as society demands. Even if we have the marriage and children a lot of us will stay in that broken marriages just to fit into society’s expectations. One thing that we forget about our relationships is longevity doesn’t equal happiness.

So what’s the purpose of this book? What’s the purpose of our words? What’s the purpose of our stories? In this book, 11 women have come together in UNITY in order to share their uniqueness. Our stories are not meant to outshine or overpower each other’s stories but in fact, show together how we can rise.

Regardless of where we are in the world, we still have our words. We still have our stories. The purpose of our stories will help other women that have experienced what each one of us has experienced tell their stories. Within our Women Are Roses Series One book, monologue, journal or whatever you want to call it, we share the truths of 11 women who share their moments of what either broke them or what developed them as women.

Women are gentle flowers who deserve to be watered daily. Don’t force us into a little flower pot that we have outgrown. Take the time to re-pot us in a larger flower pot and watch us grow bigger and better and prettier.

Why would a rose really need thorns if there was never any pain? Some of our stories detail anger, breast cancer, alcoholism, domestic violence, depression, rare diseases, and everyday experiences that we as women endure. How does a rose relate to women? Women relate to roses and roses relate to women because of their experiences.

If you were to go into your local store you will find that the rose is the most requested and most expensive flower in the store.

If we compare roses to women, some women are seeds some women are petals, some women are stems and some women are rose petals. Together we are roses! Together women are roses.

Take a moment and order Women Are Roses THE BOOK or nominate someone for our upcoming Women Are Roses Award NOW!

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