Hi I am Mimi I am a British Italian Lifestyle blogger based in the UK,  Wales  to be exact, I started my blog in July 2018, It was a very hot Summer  and I was going through a bad time having just lost my Father and my Mother just being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I needed something I could get my teeth into a creative outlet, I used to write in my late teens and early twenty’s even starting a Fanzine for the 90’s band Shakespeare’s Sister which surprisingly  became quite successful, this was all post-internet, I was also responsible for  co-writing a half-hour pilot episode of a comedy for a production company that was shortlisted to be filmed, about two best friends running a cafe and living in the apartment upstairs.  I was doing very well when life just took over and I put my writing on the back burner. Because Alzheimer’s is an inherited disease, I decided to get my brain back in the creative vain and keep it active and I started to write and created Mimi Prentice, the blog. I first thought I was far too old to be a blogger, but I soon found out I joined a  lovely community of other bloggers and writers making new friends in the process, even starting my own retweet account on Twitter, to help other bloggers/writers get their work out there. My blog is a little insight into my own world and what is going on around me, I often talk about what effects women young and old today, self-esteem issues, sexual harassment and feminism to name just a few things my readers enjoy on my blog  and the empowerment of women is always in the forefront of my mind, I like to write my blog as another friend on the table when you are  going out with your friends.  For the future, I would like to take my writing further and even start writing for other websites and publications.

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