1 day event

Yes, Ladies, that’s right we have made it this far. We have made it this far and we only have ONE more day for the Women Are Roses EVENT. Although we have wanted for this event for most of the year. Alot of us attending are still wondering… What will I wear? How will I wear my hair? Who will I meet? and the list of questions could go on and on and on! Let’s just say this is a big deal!

We’ve announced the Women Are Roses event for most of the year but just in case you’ve missed it, we want to explain why this event is such a big deal to us.

Women Are Roses EVENT is such a big deal because it serves as a way for us to show women that regardless of what their life experience may be in life, they are still roses. We are still roses and we are still valued.  This event serves as a way to showcase women and also use the event as a fundraiser for women in need.

As most of you know, Women With Gifts Intl. is a nonprofit organization that has a goal of helping women in need and showcasing women who are already doing amazing things in their community.  Women are also nominated to be honorees at our upcoming event via our website. Next year our event will take place on June 6, 2020, in the great state of  Colorado and you are able to NOMINATE amazing females now for next year’s event now.  This is a very important process because our honorees are nominated by each one of you!

This year’s event will take place on June 1, 2019, TOMORROW. We would love for each of you to be a part of this event. Take a moment and purchase your ticket now! Purchase tickets here! 


Women Are Roses Book Cover

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