Day 2

Can you imagine? Like seriously we’ve been waiting for this event ALL YEAR and now our Women Are Roses Event is only 2 DAYS AWAY!!! Yaaaay!

What is the Women Are Roses Event anyway and what is it all about?

As most of you know, Women With Gifts Intl. is a nonprofit organization that has a goal of helping women in need and showcasing women who are already doing amazing things in their community. First, year-round we feature women on our website. The women we feature on our website are phenomenal women who range from everyday working women, authors, entrepreneurs, or just women with an amazing story to tell about their downfalls or success stories.

Women are also nominated to be honorees at our upcoming event,  Women Are Roses Event via our website. Next year our event will take place on June 6, 2020, in Colorado and you are able to NOMINATE an amazing female now for next year’s event now.  This is a very important process because our honorees are nominated by each one of you!

What is Women Are Roses? Well, it depends are who you ask only because Women Are Roses is now a book and an event! Women Are Roses Award Ceremony is an event that we honor women around the world. Each year our Women Are Roses Award Ceremony, will serve as a method to honor women who inspire other women and also as a fundraiser for those who are less fortunate. Our book is now available via Amazon and all proceeds from our book go back to our organization.

Most of all our honorees are nominated by each one of you!

This event will take place on June 1, 2019, so yes we are 2 DAYS away from this event. We would love for each of you to be a part of this event. Take a moment and purchase your ticket now! Purchase tickets here! 


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