We wanted to share with you a new book that was released by our Founder LaNette Kincaide. Although she authored the book she didn’t do it alone. LaNette is a woman who believes in UNITY and empowerment so it not a shock that this book was published.

Women Are Roses book is a book that allows 10 authors within 10 chapters to tell their stories. The stories of these authors consist of life-changing events that either broke them or helped them to rebuild their life.

This book is currently available on Amazon and ALL proceeds from this book go directly back to our organization-Women With Gifts!

We are excited for each of you that purchases this book to be a part of our life experiences with us and we hope that after reading our stories you will know that there’s a story deep inside of you that needs to be told.

As women, as authors, we share our stories in Women Are Roses in order to help someone else. Women Are Roses talks about depression, domestic violence, breast cancer, divorce and many other topics that most women experience.

Our organization will never be able to take the credit for such as wonderful masterpiece and today we wanted to share Women Are Roses’ Table of Content with you. Our Table of Contents are as follows:

Table of Contents

Forward by Holly J Bird  Author of Shaken Dreams a Journey from Wife to Caregiver


Chapter 1: No More! My Life of Physical Abuse by LaNette Kincaide

Chapter 2: Perseverance by Jennifer Anne Carfora 

Chapter 3: As Far As The Eye Can See by Zzyaddrian Walker

Chapter 4: WAR: Women Are Roses by Lady Radonna Bell

Chapter 5: Journey of Thorns by Nancy P. Mulligan

Chapter 6: A Story No One Believed In by Priyanka Nair

Chapter 7: You Don’t Know My Story by Pamela Cohen

Chapter 8:  The Strength of The Stem by Lindsay Coldrick

Chapter 9: A Rose Among Thorns by Michelle BesayChapter 9: A Rose Among Thorns by Michelle Besay

Chapter 10: Covert Narcissistic Abuse the Passive Destruction by Nicole Dionne Willis

Words from the Author {LaNette Kincaide}

About the Author {LaNette Kincaide} 

Ready to read our stories? Order a copy of Women Are Roses THE BOOK now from Amazon!

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