Mituri believes you never stop learning which is why she believes there is still more to know about when it comes to Mother Nature. As a previous Journalist, PR Specialist, Editor, and Reviewer, she has worked for News Corp as a Journalist, Editor and IT Specialist, a variety of online mediums and local newspapers as well as for Australia’s second largest Publishing House, Express Publications.

Mituri has been working in the natural lifestyle space since the age of fourteen, starting out with her father in his Organic based Ayurvedic Personal Care and Certified Organic & Organic High-Quality Gourmet Raw Ingredients brand under Nim-Véda Australia. Throughout her years in the business, she has moved from general secretarial duties to one that now encompasses her overseeing all marketing, PR and IT related duties in the wellness space.

As a preferred supplier for health Cooperatives Australia wide, Nim-Véda Australia has grown to be included in international department stores, health outlets, specialty cafes and grocery stores both nationally in Australia and internationally.

Nim-Véda Australia has also recently been awarded the APAC Insider Award for the Best Organic Personal Care Manufacturer in the Asia Pacific.

As a previous recipient of the Michael Harrison Award or Print Journalism, Mituri takes pride in writing extensively in the health & wellness space now with her writing appearing regularly in health based online blogs, professional beauty print magazines and scientific journals (around the topic of potential natural solutions to common day ailments that continue to plague humankind via the re-teaching of ancient medicines such as Ayurveda).

Equipped with years of practical experience and knowledge as well as degrees in journalism and postgraduate degrees in Business & IT, Mituri hopes to expand her natural product expertise and extend her knowledge around this fascinating area with those interested and aligned to the topic of health and general well-being.





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