Candace N Ford

Recently,  we had the honor of reading Candace N. Ford’s latest project, Agitated Agenda. Our book review for Candace’s book is actually being completed by Zoe Monee, a blogger and makeup artist who spends the majority of her time with her face in books. 

Reading the book Agitated Agenda by Candace N. Ford, made my love for reading so much stronger. By now most of you will realize that I am an analytical reader, so when I saw the title, I thought it was one of those books that had an amazing title with an amazing story but the two probably wouldn’t correlate. I must say I was WRONG!!!!!! The title basically gave the cheat sheet to the entire book. The title not only draws you in but the book itself melts your brain. I’m not sure why, but my mom brought me this book while I was in the hospital. You can read more about my hospital stay in my chapter  {Chapter 3} of the recent book, Women Are Roses. While in the hospital, this book brought me through so much and I cried through the entire book. Not because the book made me sad but the book was the push that I needed to get through my own problems.

Agitated Agenda

Candace N. Ford is a talented writer especially in the sense of creativity. I was absolutely shaken beyond words when I found out that this book was a fictional novel. How could it be? Something so real, so beautiful, so loving, so amazing was created all in the mind of one person. The main character Priscilla showed the same characteristics of my own mother. Realizing that is what got me absolutely glued to this book. When Priscilla lost both of her parents, she didn’t stop her mission. I had my share of laughs and tears during this book. The character Pricilla Richardson reminded me so much of my mom it was crazy. Candace N. Ford literally created the fictional carbon copy of my mother. I say that in the sense of my mom didn’t take crap from anyone. When it came to her loved ones and more specifically her kids my mom was super-woman and she did whatever she had to do. Everything that my mom did always had to be planned.

Pricilla had this remarkable friend named Sylvia. This is where the waterworks came, Sylvia reminded me so much of my Aunt Lisa, I literally choked on the words as I read them in my head. My Aunt Lisa died of cancer while I was in elementary school but I’ve never forgotten her nevertheless. There is so much emotion in this book. I literally lived this novel because this book made me feel as though I was Priscilla and I got my law degree and I dated Tom and I got pregnant by Tom. Don’t worry that wasn’t a spoiler alert because this book has so many interesting plots, pivots, and turns. The Agitated Agenda is a novel that literally sucks you into the imagination of Candace Ford’s head. I cannot even begin to say how much I wish this book wasn’t a fiction novel. I am glad that God even allowed her to create such a beautiful piece.

In Chapter 13, when Pricilla decided to go against everything Tom advised for her best friend Sylvia I immediately connected with her as Tom tried to explain why going back isn’t going to bring her back. I related in the sense of, not everyone knows your relationships but you do. It is easy for people to tell you how to live and how much and how little to give in a relationship, but when you have grown to know that person you are aware of. Aware of pet peeves, soft subjects, aware of needs and anything else that makes you and that person click.

Full disclaimer, I am a very blossomed Christian, but I absolutely lost it at one of Pricilla’s dreams, I realize throughout this novel, she has some foretelling dreams and some very crazy ones. This particular dream made me curse for about two pages. She has a wild dream where she goes from sitting on top of a mountain recognizing all of the people she has an encountered with, to being bound up and almost raped. I absolutely wanted to jump in the book and fight when she goes to a church that isn’t even hers and one of the choir members spits in her face. I am a very calm and collected person, most of my arguments or fight occur due to bodily fluids or physical parts invading my boundaries. If I was her I would have put my bonnet on and jumped back into the book and fought that choir member, though that isn’t the works of God. My flesh just cannot resist.
I must say that this particular read was the BOMB! Hats off to you Ms. Ford, you are very talented. I would love to see more pieces from you.

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