Hello, This is the moment that you all have been waiting for our project Women Are Rose {THE BOOK} is now available on Amazon!

Women Are Roses The Book

For those of you that didn’t know recently, our Founder, LaNette and nine amazing female authors CO-Authored, the book Women Are Roses, Series One.  It’s in this book that we decided to tell our stories or should we say we are telling our truths.

Sometimes we should be able to tell our truth without having to explain ourselves. Sometimes we should be able to tell our truths to the world without the feeling of being judged. Sometimes as women we attempt to overcompensate for the things that we have and things that we don’t. Most of our lives we have been forced fed so many fairytales that we have attempted to shape our personal lives to mirror a fairytale.

We not only want to thank ten amazing women for telling their truths but we also want to thank Holly J Bird for writing the Forward of this book for us. As some of you may remember, we recently interviewed Holly for her recent book release, Shaken Dreams: A Journey From Wife to Caregiver

This book wouldn’t have been possible with the following FEMALE authors:

Priyanka Nair

LaNette Kincaide

Pamela Cohen

Michelle Besay

Nicole D. Willis 

Jennifer A. Carfora

Lindsay Coldrick

Z. Walker

Nancy P. Mulligan

Lady Radonna Bell

In this book, each author pours her story on the line, not for attention but to help others that may be in our situation but didn’t even realize it. It’s amazing what happens when women unit. If you are in Colorado you are able to also join us for our Networking/Book Signing event on May 31 at 4pm. {contact us for more details about this event} ALL PROCEEDS FROM THE SALE OF THIS BOOK GOES TO WOMENWITHGIFTS.ORG

Please read what Priyanka Nair wrote about Women Are Roses {THE BOOK} HERE.

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