Torie A. Jones

Torie Jones a native of Jacksonville Florida, grew up loving art and music. Her passion for the arts began at a young age. As a child, she was surrounded by art and music, along with the beauty of her family’s love of arts and crafting, which kept her interest in fine arts.  She is a motivated mother of three with nine plus years of experience in the entertainment industry. In various forms IE: management, promotions, and event planning. Now holding the title of CEO of Power904 On Line Radio. Her abstract style of mixing music comes straight from her growing up around music with her father working on AM Radio, she watched him and with her imagination, she pretended she was working right alongside him emulating his moves on production. After many years of making homemade mixtapes, Torie moved to Atlanta Ga. and started using her skill to make themed mix tapes. This gave her a passion to want to be a DJ. She moved forward, experimenting with new ways to make people feel what she feels on setting up music. This pushed her to expand her horizons and tap into new areas of exposure she had not yet explored. There was an obvious freedom and personal expression with online radio and it was then that she really began to flourish. Meeting up with a promoter she was on a music summit within Columbus Ga, He introduced her to HOT TALK RADIO out of Atlanta Ga. She was deeply interested in the effects of reaching millions of people around the world through this venture and became the first to become head division leader for HOT TALK RADIO OF JACKSONVILLE FL. The emotional response to the way she promotes to get people involved with the station got the attention of the founders and she then found a passion for running her own station. By removing the representational and creating something that told a story without an observational subject matter was very exciting. Torie then wanting to be fully in creative control, started Power904 to bring her style of eclectic music mixes to the four front. 


Today, Torie’s work is a bold mix of content and music and ranging from easy listening to uncensored content for a variety genre listing audience. With a lot to learn on the business side, Torie did her research along other business advisors to continue growing power904 On Line Radio. She will continue to succeed in the growth for others to enjoy her platform.


“My primary goal when creating a platform is to breathe life into what I do. One of my practices is to make sure that I don’t stay locked up in the studio for too long. I get out, explore other forms of inspiration. I think this balance helps to keep my creative energy fresh and exciting. This relates to new ideas and the ability to stay excited about what I do every day. I like to create living emotion in my ability to open platforms for like-minded people. Like a great song that gives you goose bumps. My wish is to make you want to keep coming back for more so that you may explore your own spirit, inspire who you are and what you want to become in this lifetime. Music, art, and communication can help us grow, heal our hearts, excite our senses and inspire new ideas. It’s one of the most valuable gifts to society.”


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