Candace N Ford

Candace N. Ford is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, an ordained minister, and spiritual strategist, who believes in producing multiple streams of income. She is the CEO of Above The Line Press., an independent book publishing company and the principal of Fundamental Gain, LLC, a Virtual Accounting firm for small and mid-sized businesses. Graduating from DePaul University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accountancy, she began her career at PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP as a financial auditor. Her accounting career continued with positions at various companies such as Sara Lee Corporation, Solomon Edwards Consulting, and United Airlines. While working in the accounting field, she believed there was more for her to do to assist others, not financially, but spiritually.

She began her first ministry to women in 2005. Through her ministry, Candace is dedicated to helping men and women of God acknowledge and develop their gift s and talents in the earth. Candace was ordained to the Office of the Apostle in 2011. Through teaching and one-on-one mentoring, she endeavors to cultivate kingdom leaders as they recognize their uniqueness in the marketplace or ministry while motivating them to maximize their leadership potential. Candace and her husband, Apostle C. Kevin Ford, reside in McKinney, TX, with their son Nicholas and daughters, Brianna, Madison and Charis.

Connect with Candace at


Twitter: @fordcandace

Instagram: iamcandacenford 

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