Sometimes it’s just the little things that get you motivated, but sadly most of us when we think of ourselves we tend to think of all of our flaws instead of our attributes.  If you took out a piece of paper to describe yourself you more than likely would think of all of your flaws before you think of the great things that other people may think about you. Today remember that YOU can conquer the world. Remember that you are the game changer. You don’t need anyone but you to make a change. You don’t need money. You don’t need a job. You only need you and a CHANGED mind.  Sadly, what we think we can or can’t do depends on our mindset and the people who surround us and place negativity into our heads.

Changing your mindset allows you to change every situation that you may encounter. The places that you work, the people that you meet, your relationships that you have is all based on YOU! You are the game changer! Once you realize that you are in charge NO ONE can stop you! One of the quotes that our founder shared in her recent book, 50 Quotes: That Kept Me From Kicking Your Ass {Workplace Inspiration} is ”I can accomplish anything with tea and a smile!” This quote speaks volumes because it challenges us to find something or almost anything to motivate us to be better.

As women, we are smart, we are talented, we have all of these ideas, but we tend to hand out with people that make us feel comfortable because we are scared of challenges. We don’t want to be pushed out of that little bubble called a comfort zone. We enjoy hanging with the people that allow us to be in our comfort zone because, in addition to being allowed to be comfortable, they also give us tissue for our pity party.

If you’re reading this, let this be a piece of inspiration for you. You are the game changer, find things and people that will continue to motivate you.

Take charge the world is yours!


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