We are too excited about our upcoming 2019 Women Are Roses Award Ceremony that is taking place in Colorado on June 1,2019. During this event we will laugh, we will cry but most of all we will celebrate each other for everything that WE have done as women to inspire other women. One of this year’s Women Are Roses Honorees is Nancy P. Mulliagn. Please take moment to read about her now:

Welcome ~ my name is Nancy Mulligan and I created My Everyday Challenges which is an Inspirational Lifestyle Blog.  I was born and raised in New Jersey: just a Jersey Girl at heart I guess you could say. I have always lived along the Jersey Shore and have been blessed to be able to enjoy sunsets at the beach any time I needed a little inspiration. I had a very simple and loving childhood, filled with many memories.

I started My Everyday Challenges in August of 2018 to help with an online gift boutique. I had no clue what I was doing except to say I read that starting a blog could help your online business. Every day I faced challenges I had not faced before. I am not tech savvy but was learning. I started posting stories about my life making sure to include some of my products in my posts. Soon, I was drifting away from the boutique and focusing on the content of what I was writing. I got rid of my first domain and started Myeverydaychallenges.com. I never would have thought I could enjoy something as much as this. I have gained so many new and amazing friends, and I am even a little more tech savvy. That’s a win in my book!  

A little about me:  

I have spent my entire adult life working in the Food Service industry, which happened by accident, not by choice. I can’t say it was something I always enjoyed, but for some reason I seemed to be good at it. Although I still work in the industry full time, I write every minute of my time at home. I have discovered my love. I have also started writing a book so be on the lookout. Speaking of writing…

I am so excited as I have recently chosen to register for an online certification course to be a Life Coach. The blog has had so much impact on my life that I need to continue my growth in the right direction. I have also started a novel that I am hoping to publish.

My ex-husband and I met in our 20’s (his 30’s) and we had 2 absolutely beautiful children. We separated 13 years ago and finally got divorced. Some people can love each other but cannot share the same space. We have remained great friends and still to this day, spend all the major holidays together with our kids, who are now 21 & 28, and my fiancé Craig.

Craig and I are currently engaged. We have been together 6 years this November. He is a wonderful man, who treats me like a queen every day. He is 20 years younger than me, but has an old soul. Most say we even each other out as I can be quite goofy at times.

I’m also a huge procrastinator (but have never missed a deadline).

I love the beach but not during the day. We used to love sitting on the beach around 5 o’clock and having dinner picnics until the sunset. Those are our fondest memories.

I’m happiest when I’m with my family and we make time to have game night.

A little about my blog:   

My Everyday Challenges is an Inspirational Lifestyle Blog that encourages you to journey with me in finding different ways to step out of our comfort zone and experience growth. Everyone faces challenges on a daily basis. It is in our control how we handle them. I have created a daily schedule of suggested inspirations for growth. Personal Growth, Self-Awareness, Spreading Kindness, Share your Blessings, DIY projects, and cooking challenges. Spending time in the kitchen inspires me, challenges me, and quite simply, makes me happy. Sharing my passion for cooking – and inspiring others in the kitchen – is what I love to do.  I also enjoy and challenge you by doing DIY projects. It is another way to challenge myself for growth. It feels so great to be successful in a project you started and finished. Never forget, success doesn’t always mean a perfect outcome. Success is the fact you expanded your comfort zone.

My biggest passion is to create a community that brings inspiration, healing, and challenges to your thoughts and actions that will result in helping you find purpose, growth and an overall self-awareness. Life can be stressful and sometimes it feels like society drains your motivation, but here, at My Everyday Challenges, you will find ways to gain back that motivation and have a little fun with growing thru challenges.  It All Starts With You. 

I hope you’ll stick around a while! I’ll be here. Remember, It All Starts With You!


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