Since starting our website, blog and organization, we have used this platform to recognize amazing women all over the world. Sadly we haven’t taken the time to recognize or shine a spotlight on one of the women who has made this opportunity possible for other women, our Founder LaNette. Because of LaNette’s personality she wouldn’t have it any other way. Today we wanted to introduce you to our Founder LaNette who is the visionaries behind our organization. Please take a moment to read about LaNette, her latest song and also her recent books.

About Our Founder

LaNette is a Christian business woman who believes in leadership development, education and helping women become self-sufficient. Born and Raised in Fort Worth, Texas but currently enjoying the mountains and hiking trails in Colorado.

LaNette is currently a member of Omega Chi{Christian Organization}, Alpha Kappa Delta{Sociology Society}, and Sigma Kappa Delta {English Honor Society} and received a Bachelors of Science from Texas Wesleyan University and an Associates of Arts Degree from Tarrant County College.  LaNette previously owned a small business called Just Pearlz and currently the Founder of Women With Gifts Intl., a nonprofit organization for women.

About Dear Jesus {THE SONG}

First of all, I’m not musically inclined I don’t even know what key I sing in and I can’t play any instruments, I did, however take private bass lessons in college because I’ve always had a passion guitars. I’ve always liked how they sounded in music. What I’ve learned from music is the older the music the better the guitar sound. That’s only my opinion. 

How I came up with is song?

So back in 2016-2017, my oldest, my son joined the military and I was broken. At the time he was only 19 years old and I didn’t want my ONLY son fighting a war that wasn’t his war. At the time, didn’t think of the positives of him joining the military I only thought of the negatives. What if he gets hurt? What if I get the knock on the door that my son had died? The more my son was in bootcamp and I couldn’t hear his voice, I became more broken. 

I needed help and I needed help fast, so at first I began to call Jesus but then my thoughts became more questionable I wanted to know 1) How many other people felt like me? and 2)Was Jesus really there? 

During my sadness, I wrote a song, more like a letter to Jesus asking Him are you there and can you hear me? Once I wrote the song and put a tune with it that always came to head, that’s when I attempted to sing this song fully. Shortly afterwards I went into the studio and recorded my first single. 

Dear Jesus {single}  is currently on all musical outlets such as ITunes, Amazon and CDBaby

LaNette also recently wrote two books now available on Amazon and her third book Women Are Roses will be available on Amazon on May 31,2019

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