How happy would you say your family life is? Are you content or do you find yourself wishing that you had more time to spend with your family? Let’s take a look at how you can raise a happy family even with a busy work schedule. 

It’s no secret that today parents are usually working and this means that lives are more stressful than ever before. It is so easy to let this stress transfer onto family members. 

In order to prevent this, use the following tips to help you create a caring and happy environment for your family.

Be available: Always ensure that your kids know that you are there for them. This helps them feel secure and shows them that you care about them. 

You may even consider scheduling time for your family. My children and I schedule Friday Night Game Night every other Friday (they are in their 20’s now, so I will take whatever time they have). Even if it is just one afternoon or on the weekends. Then keep this appointment no matter what. During this time do something fun with everyone, maybe let each family pick an activity they want to do. This could be something as simple as enjoying a movie together or going for a swim or hike in a local park.

Show affection: Make time to tell your family that you care about them. Show affection and always encourage your children in their endeavours. A good family life begins with you. It can be so easy to take each other for granted. Remember actions speak louder than words. 

If you have young children there is no reason why you can’t spend a few minutes each evening with them. Give them a bath and get into the habit of reading them a bed time story. Just grabbing a few moments each day can mean so much to a young child.

Family Meals: Another area that seems to have been forgotten is the family dinner hour. Make a point of eating dinner together as often as possible. While eating encourage family members to share stories of how their day went. You could even share stories from your own childhood! We used to, and still do, ask each other to share the best part of their day and the worst part of their day. Use this time to have a conversation with your family and be interested in what they did by asking questions.

Be a role model: As much as possible you want to teach your children morals and values by “showing” them what you mean. It is much easier for a child to follow your example, when they see you actually putting what you say into practice. Start when your children are small and teach them what it means to have a healthy outlook on life. 

Discipline: The worst mistake parents make is not to discipline with any type of consistency. Your goal here is to teach your children how to be responsible by making good decisions. In order for this to work you need to discipline each child in the same way. 

Stress: Stress can be a killer for everyone, parents and children alike. These days there is much more social stress than when you were a child. This can really affect your children and it is one reason why teenage suicides are on the rise. Learn how to balance your life so you can teach your children how to do the same. 

Communication: Make time to communicate with your family. Have dinner time discussions, listen to what your children are telling you and take the time to have fun with your family. Instill in your children that points of view can be different, and that it doesn’t mean anyone is treated differently because of it. 

Activities: It is so important to spend time together as a family. 

It is so easy these days to keep your kids busy by putting them in after school activities. While this may be good to some extent, it can also strain the family. Kids become overwhelmed and tired because they have so much to do. Parents are stressed because they have so much running around to do. So, try to limit how many after school activities your kids do. They will be happier for it.

Instead, do a family activity. This may be taking the dog for a walk together. Or buying everyone a bike and going for rides on the weekend. When was the last time you want camping together or even spent the day visiting a local attraction? 

Health: Work on raising a healthy family in all areas. This includes not only eating correctly and exercising regularly. It includes making healthy decisions when it comes to your finances, work, and life in general. 


No matter how busy you are, find a few minutes each day to chat with your family and show them howimportant they are. It All Starts with You.

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