We’ve all heard that SILENCE IS GOLDEN but we refuse to use this tactic when it comes to the people that lie on us, talk about us, and oh yea the ENEMIES.

For most of us, we really don’t know why we would have enemies even. We just wake up and go by our day. Meanwhile, you gain enemies because they woke up and decided that they would hate you. It’s just something about us that we don’t like. No clear reason as to WHY they hate you, they just do.

Remember not to live your life for them… Who are they? They are the people that talk about you for no reason. Spreading lies based on what they’ve heard about you and not what they’ve seen. Even if you attempted to confront them and address the situation to resolve the ISSUE they have with you, it would only cause more drama.

Going forward look at your enemies and people that love to start drama and mess as a fireplace. Same as a fireplace if you never poke the fire or attempt to stir it up, eventually the fire will go out.

Silence is the best medicine for your enemies because every comment doesn’t deserve a response. Remember that where you’re going you need to take a suitcase full of positivity and you don’t have time for drama and negativity.  Something you could understand about petty people they are not even apart of your life’s equation.

Live your life and be a better you!



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