Nicole D. Willis

We are too excited about our upcoming 2019 Women Are Roses Award Ceremony that is taking place in Colorado on June 1,2019. During this event we will laugh, we will cry but most of all we will celebrate each other for everything that WE have done as women to inspire other women. One of this year’s Women Are Roses Honorees is Nicole D. Willis Please take moment to read about her now:

Nicole Dionne is a Holistic Aesthetician, Brow Designer, and Makeup Artist. She has been in the beauty industry for nearly 20 years. She was trained and licensed in Washington State in 2000 and holds a current license in Oklahoma. Nicole is the founder of the Ibrow Studio in Edmond, Oklahoma. She is currently expanding her business into a Beauty CO-OP, a shared workspace for like-minded wellness and beauty practitioners. The CO-OP encourages entrepreneurship, environmentally friendly & toxic free products and services.  She is 41 years old, divorced, single mother of four boys and is a grammy to a little curly-headed boy. Her boys are her motivation for pursuing her dreams. She became a mom at 18 and opened her beauty business by age 23. Nicole is also a yogi. She discovered yoga in her early 30’s. In 2015 she trained to become a yoga teacher. Yoga has been a source of relaxation, balance, meditation, and inspiration, as well as physically good for the body. She became a Reiki master in 2018 during a very difficult year. Reiki is a Japanese energy healing practice. 7 years before she trained in Reiki a friend gave her a book that she dismissed, until her baby Elias pulled it off a shelf in 2016. She read the 7 principles of Reiki and put the book back down, until 2018 when her baby, then at age 2, pulled it off the bookshelf again. She decided she was meant to read it. Then she found a distant learning class online and became certified. The practice has helped many of her clients find energetic balance, clearing, and wellness. She believes Reiki found her when she needed Reiki the most. And her youngest son was the messenger. She’s become a vegetarian in her early 30’s to heal her gut from digestive issues that plagued her after a gallbladder removal. Nicole enjoys blogging to help share her knowledge and experience. She writes a beauty blog found on her website and guest blogs for Women With Gifts. On her business blog, she enjoys teaching women about simplistic healthy beauty. When she guest blogs she uses writing as a tool of personal healing, to transmute her pain, into personal growth and strength. She believes sharing her pain and struggles with others will reach someone who needs hope or a word of encouragement. She believes we’re all in this together, no one is exempt from hardship or trials. She also believes that being open about difficulties as well as successes makes her relatable. Her hope is to inspire women to become alchemists of their pain and transform it into gold; triumph and growth. She believes empowered women are capable of fulfilling their life purposes. She believes empowered women are world changers. Inspiring that empowerment in others, through beauty and writing, is her passion. Nicole was born in the San Francisco Bay area in Walnut Creek California. She grew up between California, Oklahoma, and Washington State, and currently resides in Oklahoma.

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