We are too excited about our upcoming 2019 Women Are Roses Award Ceremony that is taking place in Colorado on June 1,2019. During this event we will laugh, we will cry but most of all we will celebrate each other for everything that WE have done as women to inspire other women. One of this year’s Women Are Roses Honorees is Priyanka Nair. Please take moment to read about her now:
Priyanka Nair is a post-grad in Administration, Tech-savvy, love to explore creative treasure. A Writer by passion! A speaker with compassion! Researching on Phycology at present from India. Recently started with her own Youtube Channel in view of spreading some mental health awareness among the people.
An MBA by profession, she has worked for seven years in corporate into Supply Chain Management and Logistics department. She got a very good exposure to learn new things in her job profile right from customer interaction to SAP ERP handling which helped her in having hold of her communication skills, presentation skills and staying upgraded with the technology.
It was in 2017, She started blogging in order to pursue her passion for writing with a blurred vision and as she proceeded the vision got clearer. Her passion for writing became her purpose and she is working day and night to establish herself as an entrepreneur. Acquiring new skills, knowledge sharing and spreading self-awareness has become her life mantra.
In this journey of two years of blogging, she has learned to be compassionate and be grateful for everything around her. Arise, Awake and stop for nothing is the Mantra she follows. She has been featured on many online blogging directories, women communities, awarded for her poetries and interviewed by a Mindset study Startup to understand the blogging business and how to deal with anxiety in personal life. She contributes her articles online on many platforms and has her separate online column at global journalism participatory platforms.

6 thoughts on “Women Are Roses Honoree| Priyanka Nair

  1. Reblogged this on Virtual Siyahi and commented:
    I feel so honored as I share this post with you all.
    I am contributing a chapter in a book which will be launched in Colarado, I am the co-author among other ten women who are contributing eaach chapter in th ebook and their stories make sthe book complete.
    COmbining like the flower petals and blooming in full postivity, I am an honoree in the WOmen are Roses Award Ceremony, COlarado SPrings.

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