Most of us will always praise our moms for the things that they do for us or we will praise our moms for the things they have done for us in the past. We never probably ever realized it, but most of us have had moms who could make nothing into something. If we think long and hard those are the reasons that we really love celebrating our mom’s birthday or Mother’s Day because of who our mom has been to us. However, when do we talk about things we wish our mom would have said to us? Most of our moms used cliches and analogies to get us to learn about the lessons of life and it took us most of our lives to realize what she was trying to tell us. As much as most of us love our moms, here are five things that we wished our moms would have told us:

  1. I wish my mom would have been honest about sex

For obvious reasons, most moms and grandmoms weren’t very open about sex or anything related. In most cases, our mothers were very negative about sex because that was their way of talking you against it. Can only assume that if they talked negatively about sex then we wouldn’t want to try it? Most of us probably became moms during the early stages of our lives only because we were curious about sex. Can you imagine what would have happened if our moms would have told us about sex?

2. I wished my mom would have told me more about my body or been more open about my body. We were so sheltered when it came to sex and our body. We just watched ourselves grow right into puberty and didn’t really ask any questions. Most of us wouldn’t be overweight at this very moment if we would have known the right questions to ask about the growth of our bodies and our body parts. Being open to talk freely about our bodies would have made most of us less self-conscience about our bodies-even now.

3.  I wish our moms would have warned us about the bad boys in the world. As girls, most of us had experiences with being picked on or bullied by boys but our moms just treated our fights like any other fights and we went on with our day.  Teaching us about the bad boys would have gotten us prepared for the good boys in life-well maybe. Learning about the bad boys in life would have prepared us for the men that opened our doors for us, the boys that carried our books, bought our food during dinner dates and the list could go on and on. Instead of being prepared for Mr. Right, most of us have either just settled for a Mr. or just settled for less in general.

4. Don’t really know how or why, but most of us grew up with a mom that always used analogies or cliches. For every downfall, we’ve all had that mom that used cliches or famous quotes to get us our next journey. LaNette, the founder of Women With Gifts Intl., states, “One of the things that my mom personally said alot was, little girls should be seen and not heard or silence is golden.” Wouldn’t it have been nice to know what “silence is golden” really meant? Honestly, if most of us in our lives would have learned about the silence is golden rule, we could have avoided alot of fights and petty arguments. Yea, of course, we get it now, silence is golden but how many times have we responded to comments we should have responded to?

5. The most dangerous thing that we as women have been exposed to is FOOD. The one thing that mothers should teach their kids about is food and how to eat properly. Most moms always said in order to get their kids to eat properly is “eat all of your food, the people in other countries are starving.” Never really knew what that had to do with us but it worked every time our mothers told us that, we ate everything on our plate. As we got older, we still ate everything on our plate and the cycle never ended. Because most of us had the mindset of eating everything on our plates, we not only learned to eat everything on our plates but we also learned to get seconds and thirds of food even after the food was no longer our friend. It would have been great if our moms would have told us about the dangers of food.

Things we wish our mom would have told us!

By the way, we also talked about this during our Mother’s Day Episode {05/12/2019} Watch HERE now


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