We are too excited about our upcoming 2019 Women Are Roses Award Ceremony that is taking place in Colorado on June 1,2019. During this event we will laugh, we will cry but most of all we will celebrate each other for everything that WE have done as women to inspire other women. One of this year’s Women Are Roses Honorees is Lady Radonna Bell. Please take moment to read about her now:

Lady Bell, as she is affectionately called by her Husband, is from the East side of Detroit Michigan RaDonna married Elder Anthony Charles Bell Sr. July 14, 1990. To this union were born six (6) anointed children.  Her heart’s desire is to train them up in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

Lady RaDonna Bell was ordained December of 2001, under the tutelage of Bishop Samuel A. Wilson Sr. of Detroit, Michigan.   Under his guidance and leadership, she attended S.E.A.D. Bible College where she studied and received certificates in Old and New Testament Survey and Hermeneutics. There she and her husband were team leaders; together they were overseers of the Marriage Ministry and the Music department for 13 years.  Lady Bell also attended Faith Institute Bible College where she studied the ministry of Christ.

The Lord later led Lady Bell to come to Colorado Springs CO. in January of 2007 where she began her journey walking by faith and not by sight. She and her husband have been assigned by God to assist other ministries in their music department in the Colorado Springs Area. They are a Dynamic Team duo for the city of Colorado Springs, Together they held the first Gospel Explosion community event for 2010 and 2011 for the City of Colorado Springs, they were also a big part of the GMWA Springs chapter where her husband was the Minister of Music and she was one of the lead directors. etc…  She is currently under to pasturage of her husband, Anthony C. Bell Sr.  Where she is Co-Laborer in the ministry with him for 4 years now.  At Restoration Of Life Ministries International: Our MOTTO is “We are not just having a church, but Establishing Kingdom Minded Believers using Kingdom Principles.” – One of my special gifts are teaching and instructing and birthing potential women of God to be equipped and ready for true and living praise and worship unto GOD.   Lady Bell’s Motto in life is… “I must work the work of him that has sent me while it is day; for when night cometh no man can work”.  My prayer is that you hear and see God in me. Be Bless as I yield my mind, body, and soul under the power of the Holy Spirit.


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