Hi! My name is Georgina, I’m 17 and I live with undiagnosed chronic illnesses and social anxiety. I don’t have one specific moment to tell you about my mum, but there’s something she does for me that I’m forever grateful for.

My mum is amazing at advocating for me when I’m physically, mentally or emotionally unable to. She talks for me at doctors’ appointments when I struggle to explain things or feel that I’m unable to explain everything for the millionth time, even though she’s probably told my story much more often than I have. She talks to people when I can’t due to my social anxiety. My mum also makes sure the doctors know everything that’s gone on because I often downplay my symptoms without realising it.

I will never forget everything my mum has done for me, and I will never forget how she continues to fight for me, even though sometimes I feel like giving in to my illnesses.

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