I am a registered nurse and one of my favorite jobs was doing bladder studies.  Yeah, I know “eewww!”  It was a messy job for sure but it came with great perks. I could either do local assignments or travel assignments.  I enjoyed the travel assignments because it was like going on a little vacation.  Most times, I’d only have 3 or 4 patients and was done by noon so the remainder of the day was mine. My mom was a nursing professor and my best friend. I would ask her to take the ride with me or take my family.  The company covered all cost.

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On May 1, 2012, Mom and I went to Hendersonville N. Carolina for one of my assignments.  She hung out at the Hampton Inn while I worked, then we were able to hang out together.  Mom was big on keeping healthy so we decided to find some outdoor things to do.  First, we did some shopping at an outlet mall and then we went on a hike. We weren’t dressed for it but we went anyway.  We found a beautiful area called Hooker Falls. We just leisurely walked, talked, took pictures and laughed a lot. We even ran into some pretty nice people with whom we had a great conversation.

Mom and I started a nursing company together 2 months after that trip so we were spending so much time together, work and play.  She passed in 2016.  I miss her with all my heart! You can never replace your mom!

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