Favorite moment with my mom!

One of the best memories I have and shows what lengths a mom will go to for their children is my 18th birthday. I live in Georgia where they have the Ogeechee Seafood Festival when I turned 18, my favorite band, We The Kings, was coming to the festival to perform! They were scheduled to perform later on in the evening, so my mom took us to the town it was being held and allowed us to look around the rest of the festival and enjoy ourselves (side note, we got the tickets for free but were unaware that to go to the later part of the festival we had to pay $10/ person. So my mom paid $50 for all of us to get into the festival!) We walked around for a while and finally decided to go get a good spot to stand for the concert. Then it happened, they finally came on stage! My best friend Sandra and I sang our hearts out, my other friends who weren’t as big of fans of them, but came anyway because they love me, sang as best they could. When the concert was over, they announced that they would be signing some things, excited we all looked at my mom with puppy dog eyes pleading for her to let us stay there to try and get a poster signed. Reluctantly, she agreed. The line was so long and so crowded, we began to just give up so we could go home and sleep; when my mom did the most amazing thing. She talked to one of the security guards that was near where we were standing and explained that it was my 18th birthday and asked if there was any way we could get up further in line. Well, it worked! He took us up as far as he could without being unfair to everyone else, turns out he also brought his daughter here for the same reason.

It was the most amazing night with my mom and my close friends!

Casey Q2

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