My Mothers Name is Linda, she passed away at the age of 55 of heart failure. She loved poetry and writing short stories. My mother, was not only a beautiful woman physically, she had the most beautiful soul. Everyone was drawn to her, at any public environment, people loved talking to her. My mother was always kind and encouraged my sister and I to pursue what we are drawn to do for a career. My mother was never able to publish her poetry, or get her writings known. When my mother passed away, I knew I needed to do something to make her proud and recognized. I made the blog, solely because I found my mothers clothing and poetry to be so beautiful and uniquely her. I wear my mothers clothing, because it helps me, understand something new about her each day. Even though my mother isn’t physically here, it doesn’t mean her talent and beauty can’t live on. Because she will forever live on, brighter than ever.

Info about me: My name is Nicole, I’m an aspiring blogger, who blogs outfits using my late mothers clothing with my own. I also blog about grief and mental health. I wanted to not only honor my mother with Remembrance Wardrobe, I also want to help others who are going through grief and hardships. Clothing can help us remember the people we have lost.


Nicole Leslie

Women With Gifts Nicole





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