My mother’s name is Anju Joshi. She is 53 years old, residing in Oman with my dad right now. She is very creative. Loves to cook and has also won many cookery competitions.
We are North Indians, I was born and bought up in a very simple way by my Mom and Dad. They tried to pass the most precious of life values to me and my younger brother. I want to highlight my Mother’s story as an individual, as a girl who saw her father getting murdered in front of her eyes, a girl who was married at a very tender age of 18 and got to stay with one of the most critical mother-in-law, a sister who lost her younger brother due to cancer. I believe as an individual she has suffered a lot, but what amuses me is her compassion toward others, her sensitivity for fellow people, relatives, family members. She is a pure social person, she is always there for everyone. She is my life support system and I am glad to have her as my mother.
Women With Gifts Moms Feature
Here’s my mom and my daughter
About Me:
I am Priyanka Nair, based in Mumbai,India.
MBA by qualification and writer by passion.
I have seven years of industry work experience but I wanted to give full attention to my little girl so gave up on my job and started to follow my passion of writing by creating a personal blog–Virtual Siyahi (meaning virtual ink), with very little knowledge of blogging world. I was not aware of the opportunities it holds, but now when I am full time into this writing zone, I cannot express, how much content I feel. I am still learning and want to make some space for myself in the universe. With over 100 articles now, I gained the courage and started my youtube vlog channel also.
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