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Unconditional Love – The true meaning of Mother

My mother was an amazing woman. What made her even more amazing to me was that I was adopted. I was chosen. I was adopted as a newborn, so the bond with her was natural.  In my teens when I announced to my mom that I wanted to meet my birth parents, there was a sadness in her face I had never witnessed before. She expressed to me that it hurt because she had felt that my desire to do this meant that I never considered her my “true” mother. As a teenager, of course, being selfish creatures at times, I felt this was very unreasonable on her part. I did however respect her feelings. Now, at the age of 53, I still have not searched nor do I have the desire. From that day we had that talk, I thought hard about what a mother truly is, and she, above all, was my mother.

Her name was Elvina and she had married my father, William (Bill) Phipps in her late 20’s. My father passed when I was 4, leaving my mom to raise me alone. She had never dated anyone else, as she stated “she loved my father and vowed ‘til death do us part.” She kept that vow.

My mom worked hard to keep the roof over our head and dinner on the table. She was also heavily involved with the church. Not only did she help with the Sunday School program, she was part of a woman’s bible study at the church, and was an usher once a month. If there was a project that needed volunteers, she was sure to be one of the first 5 names on that list. She also was part of the towns Woman’s Club. They brought awareness to the community, helped try to pass laws in the state that created a safer environment, helped woman in need, and so many other positive projects. She also went to our neighbors every other Wednesday for ceramics. With all that she did, I was still always number one her list.

Being a mom is an array of virtually endless responsibility. A mother is a disciplinarian, protector, teacher, chef, nurse, and when needed the most, a friend. She is selfless, patient, and their love is unconditional. I wasn’t always an easy child to parent, so I can say factually, that it is sometimes a thankless job. More times than I would like to admit, my mom was faced with an onslaught of battles that were influenced by the outside world. She was the anchor that kept me grounded. Her values, morals, character, insight, kindness, and the secure environment that she provided are what made me the woman I am today.


Nancy Mulligan

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