I know, it’s probably hard to recognize me with all these little lines around my eyes, and the soft grey that is shaping my face. Know that I love who we have become. These little lines have graced my face from the many moments of joy and laughter I have experienced in this life.

  • I know you struggle in school, always feeling shy, and little unnoticed by so many. Yes, it does feel like a popularity contest. Know your circle of friends will always be a small one, that loves you for who you are. Stay with friends who wear a catcher’s mitt. They will be the ones there for you when life throws you curve balls.
  • Let go of the anger you have with those that teased you, it will only weigh you down. Learn forgiveness, for what you didn’t realize at the time was how unkind their life was for them. People with broken spirits find it easier to prey on people like you to protect themselves from further pain. Forgive them without judgement.
  • Appreciate all the moments you share with your family. There will be losses in the years ahead of you. Don’t be afraid to face them. There will be days that feel as the hole in your heart will never mend. I promise you it will, and you will come through the grief a stronger, braver woman. You will need these experiences, for it will teach you to hold others up when life knocks them down.
  • Never let others occupy space in your head. What others think of you is none of your business. We seem to struggle with this at times. Be who you are and who you were meant to be and let go of the rest. Learn to push your own buttons. Inspire yourself. It’s wonderful when we can find inspiration in others but there will be droughts. Make inspiration sustainable within yourself.
  • You will experience amazing things on your journey. Always be humble or life will do it for you. The world is much bigger than us and it will never revolve around us solely. Always remember that the humblest people you will meet are the ones that have mentored us or respected us the most.
  • Never wait for the world to come to you. Make things happen for yourself. When you feel passionate about something, move confidently towards it, and conquer it. Should you ever lose passion for something, change your path.
  • Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. No one ever promised you life is easy. There will be many times on this journey that you doubt yourself. Always remember – What’s the worst that can happen? Take risks.
  • Be a warrior, not a worrier. Minimize the things you worry about. Try not to worry too much on your career, your weight, your finances, etc. Your faith, I promise, will always carry you. Your faith will always be your anchor.

Life is about change; don’t hesitate to stray from the path that every other person is strolling. Embrace the challenges that you will be faced with and don’t give the dread of disappointment a chance to confine you to regrets and disappointments. Trust your instincts, tune in to your heart and fight for what you believe in. Don’t waste your journey looking for happiness to find you. You’ll discover it’s been inside all of you along.

Finally, I ask you to slow down, don’t be in such a hurry to grow up, and enjoy your journey. I know you will face many struggles, but each experience you have is a small lesson that helps create the beautiful person you are. Every night, as your head rests on your pillow, you will realize that today was the happiest day of your life, as long as you live everyday to the fullest.

I love you and hope you learn to love yourself at an earlier stage than I did.


Your much older self

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