My name is Domino, age 29, I am from Manchester UK, and I am the Founder and Writer of Cotton On Mcr – This is a guide to Manchester’s art scene, we write exhibition listings, art reviews, and interviews. We also have an online shop selling artwork. I started this business when I realized there was no website that listed all of Manchester’s exhibitions, smaller galleries and events were being missed and not promoted. I come from an artistic family and studied Fine Art at University. I am passionate about Manchester and its creativity and diversity. It was these passions that combined into creating Cotton On Mcr.

This started as a hobby, that I was working on outside of my job as a travel agent. It became too much for me to juggle a full-time job and an ever-growing website. I recently went down to part-time hours so that I can focus more time on Cotton On Mcr and help my business grow and develop. It was a big risk, and a drop in salary, but it was important for me to do that, both in terms of my work/life balance, and to pursue a career in something that I am passionate about, something that I created.

Writing this blog helps me to stay creative. I love writing about art. My aim is to promote Manchester’s art scene, especially to an audience that may not necessarily think of themselves as ‘art fans’. I feel like the art world can come across quite pompous, and elitist. I want to change that view, and try and show that art can be for everyone, no matter what your education or background.

Doing this blog has opened up so many opportunities for me! I have met many inspiring people, hosted talks to students on how to work in the art world, and I have attended loads of events and workshops. The launch of the online shop has helped us in creating a one-stop-shop for everything that is art in Manchester. It further helps us in promoting Manchester’s artists, and getting their name and work to a wider audience. It’s a great moment every time a sale is made, knowing that I am helping to bring art into people’s homes.

It is amazing that something I am so passionate about has now started to grow and make money. It’s hard work to start your own business, to develop something form a hobby into a money-making organization, but I love it!



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