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Stories have always fascinated and inspired me. The stories I heard as a child moved me, challenged me and drove me to enjoy working in various corporate roles around the world. 

I spent many years listening to the career stories of senior leaders from different companies, industries, and countries. In the ten years leading up to my own change of career, I listened to more than 3,500 career stories as I helped to find them new positions. Gradually, I realized that the frustrations, hopes, and regrets they shared were no longer going to be satisfied with a simple swap to another position with the same problems.
This happened to me too after twenty years in similar roles but at increasingly senior levels.  I needed to change. To rewrite my future tale of work and life. To tap into my Gen X fire and claim my own mission to eradicate mid-career unhappiness. It wasn’t easy, it took time and focus and a willingness to escape the safe straightjacket of the corporate world. Just like most of the people I now work with.
Now I get to love helping Gen Xers review, rewrite and retell their own career and life stories. Their stories now move me, challenge me and drive me to seek out those who are beginning their walk of freedom, their mid-career revolution.
If your own story doesn’t fascinate or inspire you anymore then it is time to rewrite it.
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