We first featured Katherine Massey, known as the Honest Blogger on our website on December 3,2018.  Here’s what we said about her at the time of her feature:


Katherine Massey is also known as “The Honest Blogger”, with her no filter approach to life as she talks openly about her mission to end the stigma around mental health.She is the founder of Flintshire Housewives(FHW), a supportive community group with a charitable aim which supports local women and promotes open discussion around day to day struggles,  as part of her mission to encourage others to lead their best life, no matter what their past or background. 

Recently,  we had the honor of reading Katherine’s latest project, Living With Dolls: A story of Love, Mental Illness and Freedom. Our book review for Katherine’s book is actually being completed by Zoe Monee, a blogger and makeup artist who spends the majority of her time with her face in books. 

Take a moment to read Zoe’s review below:

“Living with Dolls” is a book that keeps you drawn by suspense, but it does not fail to educate you on mental health. I literally had my strawberries and my Teddy Grahams in my lap as a sat and read the book biting my nails until I realized I literally read the book in one day. I believe Katherine Massey is indeed a gifted writer and God himself guided her pen to paper for this book it’s breathtaking and inspirational to read. At the beginning of the book, she talks about her experience with her high school crush which every girl in the world has experienced. While reading this I jumped back in time with her and I have noticed her writing style taps into your imagination and puts her memories in your head like a movie.

One thing I would like to point out is that Katherine keeps the book interesting by telling her story and explaining it in ways we can relate to it. I like how in the start she gives a smooth intro into her abuse, for people that have never been around abuse or have experienced abuse you won’t get overwhelmed by the extent of abuse and her home life. Instead of talking to the reader as if we already know her story she baby feeds her life to you and gives you a lot of background information for you to be able to understand her reasoning behind Katherine. I like to think of the way she tells her perspective as a path into her mind if you will. As she talks about her and her husband when they grew up it sends warmth into my heart that young true love does indeed exist.

I am a bookworm, so I am always head first into books but for those who do not like books as much as me, Katherine reels you in through her use of emotion in the way she writes.

Reading this book, I can absolutely say I felt every emotion she portrayed in this book. The suspense throughout this book is better than any Lifetime movie ever created! For example, when she talks about her and her husband and how they began to fall in love with each other, Craig essentially fell in love with her lies, which kept me on the edge of my seat. I wanted to jump through the book to see when Craig found out that everything she told him was lies how would he react to it, but she allows you to see her perspective of her lying to everyone by explaining that not only was it a surviving mechanism but she was protecting him from her real life and not the fairytale life that she let everyone believe.

I was heartbroken when Katherine stated that her eldest brother and sister had been sexually abused by their biological parents. I actually cried when she explained how her siblings called her the untouched child or the golden child but they didn’t know that when they all moved out she was sexually abused by their mother as well. I absolutely could not put this book down. The fact that she was sexually abused at night and then the next morning her mom had self-harmed to the point of being wounded and very very weak. As I began to read on through the book I got angry not at Katherine but with her mother and the torture that her mother had put Katherine through. The fact that her mom instead of teaching Katherine about her periods, Katherine’s mom used her own period to further take advantage of Katherine. I even got to the point when I wanted to jump into the book and back in time and just hurt Katherines’ mom’s second taxi boyfriend, not only did he sexually abuse Katherine but he had a second family with 3 kids and he was very perverted which means he sexually was attracted to little kids, I was absolutely SICKENED.

Her story begins to look up as her mother willingly goes into the mental hospital to get the help she always needed. I was excited to know that mental health was advancing and her mother got shock therapy. Though she lost some of her memory, I was happy that Katherine got the mom she always needed. I absolutely could not stop laughing when her mom comes home and sees the life-size dolls that she made during one of her manic states and she was absolutely mortified and quickly put them in the attic. I was also happy that she had Craig. I am honestly Katherines BIGGEST FAN and she has inspired me by pursuing her acting while having issues with mental health and I got affirmation by her getting the part, I can say that I am proud of Katherine for being able to overcome and tell her story. Katherine is such a very talented writer and I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on the next book that she writes.

Living with Dolls

Living With Dolls: A story of Love, Mental Illness and Freedom is available on Amazon

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