We recently featured Virtual Siyahi on our website on December 29,2018, and today we are featuring her as our Wednesday’s Woman, not because of who she is but because of the inspirational words, she has shared. Please take a moment to read her recent writing:

Depression has no face

We live in a society where we must hide our inner self and wear a pleasing mask all the time. Portray a perfect picture of life, filled with varied colors of a perfect family, successful career, and relationships. To live in the society is to survive all the hardships and yet manage to smile and the one who is able to do it effortlessly is the one who knows how to live, isn’t it?

How many times have you cried all night and the next morning you were back in the routine just like nothing happened? How many times you had a suicidal tendency just before you attended a dinner date? It is what goes inside a human mind a human body which everyone around fails to see, the scars, the impressions of some incidents are so deep that the pain becomes inevitable and the person starts finding solace in that pain. He starts searching for isolation, where he can be himself.

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