I’m a Lifestyle, Personal, and Motivational blogger. My intent is to spread awareness of Heart Failure, the band inspires women if all ages and walks of life. Hopefully, I can do so with sharing things of myself personally.

I’m a forty-three-year-old Single Mother residing in Houston, Texas.  I’ve always had a love for reading, writing, and music. Then almost 17 years ago my new love was becoming a mother. I’ve been through many valleys which have included Divorce, Heart Failure, and Homelessness. I didn’t think I could endure any of it! But I prayed, I fought and persevered. Matter of fact, I am STILL doing those things. No, I have not come out of some of the storms, but I’ve made some changes in life. I invite you to dive in and tag along on my Journey of Ascension!

Valerie Ascending consists of things that I feel I need to do in order to take my life to a higher standard of being. I’m going through a Lifestyle Change, a Fit Journey, and I’m finally pursuing Lifelong Dreams. I hope in the process I can motivate and inspire other women who may be going through similar storms or valleys. Spreading as much positive energy and vibrations is what I intend to accomplish through my writing. I hope you can find something somewhere in my posts that can benefit you, your life, or those surrounding you!


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