A letter to my younger self.

Dear Younger ME,

It’s a great joy to write to you. Just as you are today, young, energetic, bubbling with energy promise me you will be the same.

You may add years to your life but don’t let it affect your heart. Stay young by heart. Be surrounded by a company of young individuals. Today you are into so many physical activities, dance, Zumba, gym. Continue to hit the gym even later. That will keep you physically and mentally healthy and strong.

Be passionate about life. Strive to achieve your dreams, but never forget people who have been instrumental in your success. Always acknowledge even the smallest efforts., appreciate them.

Be as bold as you are now. Be fiery, be strong. The world will always try to bring down women in all stages of their life. But you must always hold great pride in being a woman. Remember God chose you, a woman to take care of HIS creation. When the MASTER of this universe is beside you, never ever be scared.

Younger me, today you are a girl, but tomorrow when you would be a life-partner, a mother… you would be caught up with too many responsibilities. Never forget your own self. Always keep time, me time for you, to introspect about your life, to make any corrections or to work towards your dreams. Never stop dreaming.

Always be in touch with the besties of your present. Its fun to grow old with them. Meet them, on their birthdays, celebrate life. I feel good when I catch up with my besties. More than my spouse they know much about my likes and dislikes.

We scream, giggle, laugh, crack jokes… seems weird to the world but they don’t know…SSShhh…

We are the Younger-Self, forever young.  Three CHEERS to you….



Cups of Destiny

















About Me: Veronica, popular as Veron.

I am a strong woman but a quiet person. Music lifts up my soul. I love being amidst Nature. It brings serenity and a feeling of closeness with the Master. I prefer solitude rather the crowd. I am a little impulsive and at times have to struggle to keep patience. I love writing, reading, playing with my pet retriever Jazz…. the Jazz of our lives. I blog for my website- Cusp of Destiny I write fiction, Motivational stories, fun, humor…however stories based on platonic relationships have always intrigued me.

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