A Letter to my Younger Self: Dear 18-year-old Bethany,
Hi, it’s 31-year-old you. Remember how you said all that stuff about never gaining weight? You got to 220 after your third child, you lose 50 quickly but still end up struggling. You also lost half your thyroid, your gallbladder and a bunch of other random parts you didn’t really need. You will also be developing autoimmunity so please start messing with your diet now- cut out the bread, wheat and look up gluten. By the time you’re in your late 20s, bread and pasta will be gone. Lactose intolerance is also not an allergy, it’s the reason you feel so bloated and stuff so you may want to start looking for good subs. I know you’re starting to pick up smoking, don’t. At 31, you’ll be struggling to quit. I know all this sounds crazy right now, but diet and lifestyle are extremely important and the less you worry about it now, the younger you will be when you start dealing with health problems. I know, I’m only 13 years older than you and have several diagnosed medical problems. You’re about to go through so much, I wish I could prepare you but just stand by your spirituality. Let it guide you to find your own inner peace. You’re going to get to experience just about every traumatic event you can go through but I won’t go into details. You will just power through everything, you’ll come out slightly jaded and somewhat critical but you will get through it all and will end up with two beautiful young girls. Remember, the choices you’re about to make and the mistakes will make you who you turn out to be in the future and they lead you to the path you’re meant to walk.



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