Today we wanted to share the latest book of author Nancy Mulligan. We featured Nancy’s blog, My Everyday Challenge on our website on November 22,2018 and she is also one of our guest bloggers if you’re looking for something amazing to read every Sunday. We not only wanted to share this amazing new book by Nancy, but we wanted to take a moment to congratulate her on her recent accomplishment as well. Congrats Nancy!

So for those of you wondering what the book is about…Reinvent Yourself-New Year, New Journey is all about challenging yourself to be a better you. This book is currently available on Amazon

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We know that you’re going to go out and get this newbie, but we also wanted to take a moment to share a few favorites of Nancy’s from the book.

Live Deliberately (page 26)

Deliberate living is about more than just being alive. It’s not about changing your job or moving to a new locale. In this case, internal, deliberate changes in who we are drop us out of psychological autopilot and allow us to live passionately, no matter our circumstances. After all, it’s not always possible to wring from external existence the satisfaction we get from deliberate living.

To live but in a frozen, changeless and unsatisfying state without living a life that you’re passionate about means living on autopilot. The days come and go, become years, then change into decades. There’s nothing particularly special about any one day. Maybe the occasional holiday has some vigor but living as if existence was enough is to live in a colorless world.

Deliberately living, of course, isn’t 100 percent fun. Bad things still happen; boredom is still part of life, and everyone goes off-course sometimes. The difference is that deliberate living embraces personal change.

Much like mindful awareness, deliberate living results from paying attention to our world but most importantly to our innermost selves, our internal processes. Can we become estranged from ourselves? Absolutely. Can we change? Definitely.


Learn to Face Fear (page 22)

Fear is the first roadblock to personal change. It’s not that easy to change one’s self and life without giving up something you’ve already got. As you continue in the process, you learn to still and manage your fears. You learn how to go forward even if your plan is in constant development.

Reinvention requires embracing uncertainty. It means getting comfortable with discomfort. Doing new things, trying new ways to be is scary! Allowing fear to stop us from changing is always the biggest block to proactive reinvention. Always.

Unlike reactive reinvention, when you must make big changes or face even worse situations than self-renewal, proactive reinvention seems optional when we get scared, so we have the option to retreat into safety. Safety is great. However, clinging to the safety of the familiar ensures you will never reinvent yourself.

Regeneration of the self requires living with fear, too. Consider as an example the situation of leaving one career for another, more ideal career. Common wisdom says you must have another job before leaving your current job. That wisdom in this situation kills any chance of getting that ideal job.

It’s very hard, maybe impossible, to prepare for a completely new profession while working a full-time job. A dentist who leaves her job for another job as a dentist has changed locales but has not at all reinvented herself.

Making a jump from the known into the unknown safely, with no risks, doesn’t happen. There is always some element of risk. Learning to live with risk in order to get something you dearly want is one of the biggest rewards of reinventing yourself.

Start By Accepting Responsibility (page 33)

The first step to reinventing yourself is accepting that your current circumstances and situation resulted from choices you made and actions you did or did not take. All your past decisions have led you to this point. It’s easy to want to accept the joy and happiness in your life, but it’s much more difficult to accept the poor choices and mistakes willingly. But, until you do, you won’t be able to really change.

While other people and life’s challenges may have contributed to where you are currently, only you are responsible for your happiness and reactions to others.

If your life is not what you want, it is because of you. Why is this such an important step?

Without accepting full responsibility for your life, you cannot choose a new path and be successful in making meaningful change.

Accepting responsibility is crucial for being fully self-aware, which is necessary to help you identify what changes you need in your life to reinvent yourself. Acceptance of this kind is the ultimate form of personal power, which is the source of your motivation and strength you will need to make the changes you seek.

To engage in acceptance, ask yourself…

  • Do I acknowledge at this moment that who I am is all on me?
  • Do I accept all the choices, both positive and negative, that have led me to today?
  • Do I appreciate all that is unique and great about me?
  • Am I ready to let go of the past and move forward to create a new future?
  • Am I sure that I have full and total control of who I want to become?
  • Am I ready to stop blaming others for myself and my situations and accept my personal power?

Only when you accept these possibilities and your responsibility in what has come before and what is ahead can you hope to reinvent yourself successfully.

Reinvent Yourself After Age 60 (page 64)

At age 60, life can be extremely meaningful, and it may not be as much about “you”. It may be time to pass the knowledge on to younger generations and sharing what life has taught you. You may even want to progress in your life as far as career goes and this is completely normal.

How can you best reinvent yourself at and after age 60?

  • Focus on contributing to a greater cause (promoting a lasting sense of self-worth)
  • Be consistent with social interaction
  • Enjoy life more often (leisure activities, travel, etc.)
  • Make health a priority (exercise, nutrition, therapy, etc.)
  • Design your retirement in line with your own goals, needs, and desires (page 64)

Putting out into the world what you’ve taken in, from years of experience, is one of the most gratifying aspects of life. When we help others by sharing something we’re passionate about, our sense of meaning increases drastically. We always want to feel a sense of worth (who doesn’t) and it’s necessary to put yourself out there more (especially at and after age 60) than ever.

Loneliness at age 60 is very common and unfortunately, depression and a loss of interest in life can result. However, it’s up to the individual to want to be active in engaging with others to avoid a life of solitude. Meaningful relationships can make life so much more enjoyable, and for many, they are essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Around age 60 and the years which follow is the perfect time to start putting the stresses from your younger years behind, to enhance the quality of life from this point on. Leisure activity is earned, and years of hard work make this completely understandable. The lifestyle choices at this age are crucial to long life and health.

Health should be a priority at this age, and not only physically speaking because the mind must be maintained, especially as you get older. Mental health exercise is just as important as exercise which conditions the body. Consider having a regular therapist which you can benefit from by expressing yourself and venting when necessary.

Being disciplined by making healthy nutritional choices and exercising will do wonders for health. It’s important to keep yourself as healthy as possible if you want to experience longevity in your efforts of reinvention. Lifestyle changes are not an option if you desire to reinvent yourself at and after age 60.

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