Recently, we had the opportunity to be on the platform of Skincare Talk Radio with host The Green Beauty Educator, Cieloscent.  Skincare Talk Radio Show is a Holistic Skincare that normally features Healthy Habits For Healthy Aging Conversations. Cieloscent is  an esthetician and educator who has discovered the power that conscious and constant habits have on well-being and beauty

Skincare Talk Radio Show is a community that is totally free in cost as well of sponsors, ads or selling that we featured on our website on March 28,2019 and they happen to be one of the FIRST radio/podcast type features that we had ever featured on our website. Their mission is about Education, Empowerment, and community. In 2014, we stepped away from most social media platforms and re-started our twitter account in late June 2018 for those who choose to communicate via Twitter. Since starting their community has grown through the years and it has truly been a labor of love.

During this interview, LaNette our founder talked about being both sexually and physically abused, how she used writing as a coping mechanism, and what she has done to become beautiful again. She also provided words of inspiration for other women. To hear this LIVE interview click here

As always, we want to thank Skincare Talk Radio for allowing us to be a part of their platform and thank each of you for listening. Please be sure to comment either other their page or on our page when you listen to this podcast.

Connect with Skincare Talk Radio below:

Twitter: @cieloscent

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