Dear Younger Me,

How have you been, sorry I could not connect with you earlier, but now I have realized how much I missed talking to you. There was a part of me which reminded me of you in every moment of my life.

Perhaps because of a few decisions, you took way back or maybe some incidents which did not get a proper closure and you still suffer in silence. When you had no one to tell you what you should do when you were bullied for your skin color, where should you go when you had a heartache. But I know you were timid and a very simple girl, who only knew to be nice with people around, and people always used your goodness and left you without any reason. I am responsible for all this because I let that happened to you. I allowed anyone to enter that space.

Today, when I look back, I realize, I should have made you a little stronger, I should have helped you to accept you the way you are, long back, make even with yourself and live the life of your choice, your dreams. While focusing on pleasing people and mending things with them you lost your identity, you withered yourself.

But you will be happy to hear that, although it took a little longer, now I am living the life of my dreams and I love my skin color too. I have taken charge of my life and I am building myself piece by piece, all alone. The content is so immense that I feel so complete with me. Thank you for holding on, you were a part of me now and you will be a part of me forever.

We should connect often and mend things between us. Thank you.






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