Dear younger ME,

As the years go by, I think of you every day. I am proud of the woman you have become and wonder if you would have been more honest with yourself and those around you about the sexual abuse that you encountered, where you would be today.

As your Mom suffered through breast cancer and you took care of her waiting for her to die, as your Father had told you over forty years ago, she only had six months to live, I want you to know that the worrying you did was in vain, she is still alive today, and has become your best friend. I wish that you would have learned that worrying about things that you can not control will affect your health as you got older.

You are going to grow up to be a wonderful woman who helps so many people through some difficult times in their lives, and as you struggle to get through your own life, I wish you would have learned to ask for help when you needed it. Instead of worrying about bothering them. As you need to know that letting other people help you is not a bother, but a gift, as you loved being there for others, you should have given this to gift to others and yourself, and you would have found out that self-love and care will be the most important thing you will learn.

I love you, and thank you for getting me through some years that I was not sure why I had been born!


Holly Bird 

Holly-Bird-3 headshot

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