Dear younger self,

I write this letter sitting in my darkroom, which I use for meditation. I chose this room because it is where I sit in my thoughts, opening myself up to me, you, the person that is yearning to be free from the unnecessary judgment. It is my prayer that my words will resonate into your spirit, your soul man and intertwine into your very existence and become yours. It is my hope that this letter will lead you into a fulfilled life and guide you into the truth about you.

I ask you to keep leaning towards the direction of goodness. Whatever you put out into the universe that is what you will receive.

I want you to know.

You are beautiful both inside and out. You are not a naughty kid, just a busy body who needs somewhere to channel her energy. You are fun energetic with lots of creativity. It is totally ok for you to write in your diary so don’t be discouraged because your diary was ripped apart and thrown into the trash like junk. Find yourself a piece of paper and keep writing. Your feelings are valid and your words do matter. Understand that, and keep writing.

Your smile is infectious, it is contagious. It has the power to make others smile. It can illuminate a room. Even when things are tough to find a way to smile by finding the brighter side of it. There’s always another way to look at things so find it.

Your love for being the big sister and how well you take care of your younger siblings has it’s own reward so keep being the loving, caring big sister that you are. You will someday be the inspiration for many many children as well as professional ball players and their children. So try to ignore being called a fast little girl.

You are so kind as to give your hair barrettes away to other girls whose parents couldn’t afford it, and for buying ice cream for those same kids. No, you were not being used by anyone and yes you were wrong for taking money out of your mom’s purse to do so, but you still gave from your heart, you saw a need you fulfilled it. Being kind and giving the best of you will take you so much further just do it the right way.

Now that I’ve told you how wonderful you are. Let me give you a few life pointers.

Life is a great teacher. You will learn from your experiences and it will add to your knowledge. Every day is another opportunity to interact with the environment and add something new to your life.

Make no excuses. Find a way to make you more confident. No one really knows what they are doing in the beginning so go for it.

Make self-development a priority. Read and learn the things that will hone in on your already able to love and be kind.

Humble yourself. If you do not the universe will do it for you. The world is big and it doesn’t revolve around just you. Stay humble, humility is always better than pride.

Always be grateful. Your gratitude can take away all negativity, no matter what form.

Learn to inspire yourself. There may not be anyone around that is doing anything to build on themselves so you build on you so that you can come back and help them build on themselves.

Stay considerate of others, laugh and most of all have fun.

Love, Light & Energy

❤ Pamela

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