Angie Langley is an author from Wiltshire who’s first novel ‘Jennifer Brown’s Journey’ focuses on her real-life experiences when life took an emotional tumble in the not-so-distant past. A lighthearted, humorous read, the first in a series of three books Angie tells her story with honesty and bags of humor including poignant and everyday situations that many women will relate to. Now a motivational speaker who champions the importance of self-belief she tackles the subject of self-confidence and how the lack of it often effects so many in our society. Angie is convinced confidence needs to be nurtured and encouraged by those around us and is currently in the process of starting up a Facebook page encouraging women to chat about their lack of self-confidence and in return offer free advice. Her message to other women

“The key to self-confidence is believing YOU CAN!”

image1.pngConsidering how much life throws at us, it’s no wonder every woman on the planet is a strong, bold beacon of resilience and potential. It’s something writer Angie Langley wants to remind all women in her hilarious, thoughtful and ultimately empowering new novel. ‘Jennifer Brown’s Journey: A poignant life-affirming story of self-discovery’ A rip-roaring, hugely reflective novel that will have every woman cheering on with gusto. Jennifer Brown champions the importance of self-belief and the value of a bucket-sized glass of wine in a tight spot. The first in a series of three books, Jennifer Brown’s Journey is a story of female self-empowerment and the triumph of the human spirit in the face of challenges that many women will recognize.

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