Recently, we had the opportunity to recently we had the ability to complete a LIVE interview Laura Marianj the author of stop it its all in your head. Below are some of the questions we asked.
Please take moment and watch the live interview NOW
Tell us more about who you are?
Hello, I am Laura Mariani, Founder of The People Alchemist Ltd, a boutique Human Resources and Change Management consultancy based in London, England and the author of ‘STOP IT! It’s all in your head!’ a pragmatical career guide to help women taking ownership of their career, life and define their own rules.
For the past few years, I have divided my time between consulting/project management and interim work with writing a book and blogging.
I founded my company in 2014 after a successful career as Senior HR Director in the FMCG, Retail sector to name a couple. My expertise covers HR Consultancy, Interim HR Director Cover, full HR & Transformation including project management and delivery and Organizational Design and Effectiveness.  I really believe that the success of companies depends on harnessing the potential and talent of people and I love empowering businesses and people unleash their potential.
My motto is “Ignite Your People, Transform Your Company”.
My blog  is both an extension of the People Alchemist covering and reviewing both business topics like advice & insight in matters of employment, the latest employment law cases to be aware of, new legislation and implications for employers , book reviews and career coaching together with lifestyle, foodtravel and culture showcasing the very best of British and beyond and also an extension of me and my life/business experimentation.
What are some of your hobbies
I am a food lover, ballet fanatic, avid reader, passionate about music, art, theatre. I like painting and drawing (for self-expression not selling but hey, you never know…), tennis, rugby, visiting new places, and of course, I love fashion (well I am a girl).
Tell us more about your recent book
I am feminist in that I believe women can be and do anything they chose to, if they want to that is, and I believe in women supporting other women to succeed (let’s have a women’s club instead of the old boys’ one).
In my previous career as HR Director and even now in my business I have met and interviewed extremely capable women who lacked the self-belief to propel themselves forward to where they want to go. Writing a book seemed a way for me to reach and potentially help more women.
Tell us more how you came up with the idea of writing a book
Writing a book has always been a lifelong dream of mine (being a writer too).
I had just finished a long project, I had some time and I thought there is nothing stopping me, I need to stop thinking about it and just DO IT.
I gave myself the deadline of writing and publishing a book in 30 days so I looked for people who had done it before and I committed to write a daily blog to document the process and, most importantly, to keep me accountable.
I set up and date for publishing and I stuck to it,
Realistically I can’t go out telling others they can do anything and then not do it myself.
Tell us about some of the people that you partnered with about for the book
In both my life and my business I am a very practical person; I believe in providing solutions that work in practice.
Women are very good at sharing, if you are looking at the blogosphere, social media and so on women are sharers.
But when you get down to it not many women have actual mentors they can go to to ask for advice and help climbing the ‘career ladder’.
I wanted to provide Visible Leadership Role Models, real women who were either career women or business owners/founders.
It was important for me to provide a cross-section of different levels of experience/length of business success to inspire women out there who are at different stages in pursuing their dreams.
What was the purpose of the book?
To inspire and help women in a practical way on how to overcome the obstacles they might be facing on their way to the top leadership jobs, starting from themselves. And I say practically I do provide a series of coaching questions in the THINK, LOOK and ACT the part-session of the book
What do you want people to get out reading your book?
Decide what you really want in life (and I mean YOU decide, not what society/religion/family pressure say, YOU) and, whatever that is, go for it. I am not oblivious to the fact that there are barriers but history is full  of examples of things that people said could not be done which are now the norm
If someone else can do it, there is absolutely no reason that you can’t do it too.
You just need to of for it and want it enough. Everything is possible.

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