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My name is Veena. I’m the founder and roaster at Coromandel Coast, a social enterprise sourcing and roasting coffee that is traceable, sustainable and delectable from the ancient lands of southern India.

‘Sustainable’ is such a catchword these days meaning different things to different people.

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At Coromandel Coast, we look at sustainability from three aspects

  • Economic sustainability – is growing coffee actually profitable to the farmers?

We pay 3-4 times the global average price of coffee.

  • Environmental sustainability – is coffee grown as nature intended? Can plants, animals, and people thrive in coffee plantations?

All our coffees are shade-grown i.e. grown under the lush canopy of forests, mainly those of fruits and spices. The shade-providing trees mitigate climate change, protect biodiversity, improve soil fertility and help water retention. Our coffees come in 100% plastic-free packaging.

  • Social sustainability – Is there enough income to tackle poverty, gender quality, and human rights?

Shade-grown coffee farms are full-fledged spice farms, and these spices offer supplemental income to small-holder farmers especially when global coffee prices are low like they are now. More than 90% of the workforce in our partner farms are women. In addition, 10% of our revenues (not profits) goes towards funding projects that help achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals Agenda 2030.

I hope the business I’ve created and the incredibly hard work I’ve put in to building something of purpose whilst raising a child is of interest to you.

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