We are a community that is totally free in cost as well of sponsors, ads or selling. Our mission is about Education, Empowerment, and community. In 2014, we stepped away from most social media platforms and re-started our twitter account in late June 2018 for those who choose to communicate via Twitter. Our community has grown through the years (July 4, 2018, launched) and it has truly been a labor of love.

As a trained Esthetician I’ve enjoyed sharing my expertise and experience with those willing to listen week after week. I’m not interested in numbers but rather the people behind those numbers. I believe that I have achieved the closeness with my community because of the above reasons. I delight in sharing my platform with guests that inspire our community to explore new products or habits that lead to healthy skin and aging. If you wish to share our community it would be such a thrill! We are a team here at Skincare Talk Radio which beats to the heart of the listeners. They would be thrilled to know you shared our community. I’m known as Cieloscent, The GREEN Beauty Educator and the platform shines as a result of our listeners and guests. I am merely the show host who truly loves her community and prefers the focus to be on Skincare Talk Radio. I can’t begin to express how flattered I am that you wish to share me on your website but skincare Talk Radio is about all of us -Listeners, guests and all who ask questions that become podcasts for all to learn from.

We are in the future to create YouTube Videos if you still wish to share my presence here at Skincare Talk Radio then I would again be flattered and honored. Be well & Happy! Cieloscent🌻

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