Recently we had the opportunity to interview millennial Shalee who shared some of her deepest and darkest life experiences via our latest LIVE episode about her seeking validation, depression and also drug and alcohol abuse.
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Here’s  a tad bit about Shalee:
I came into ministry to help set people free through Jesus Christ. I wanna be able to encourage those who have faced addictions and hurt. I want to go out in those places where people are too afraid to go to and display the true Love of God. I have been redeemed through the Blood of Jesus Christ and I want others to know that there is Freedom in Christ. I have overcome addictions, homosexuality and many other things through Jesus Christ. 
Here are tidbits from our recent interview:
WWG: Does your ministry cater to just a certain gender?
SA: No, I don’t cater to only one gender. All are welcomed.
WWG: Tell us more about the love notes from God? 
SA: The Letters are led by the Holy Spirit and handwritten. Holy Spirit guide me to write these letters. Sometimes they are prayers, prophecy or confirmation.
WWG: What gave you the idea to write love notes? 
SA: I was led by God last year November that God would start using me as his vessel to write these personal letters to his children.
WWG: Do you ever care or wonder about going viral or becoming popular? 
SA: I want to reach all nations for God glory. So, many people need to know that they are redeemed by the Blood of Jesus and that they don’t have to be a slave to these addictions they are facing.
WWG: For every woman watching your ministry or this interview, what do you want them to know about you?   
SA: I want everyone to know that God is a healer. He has healed me from so many emotional wounds and brought me out of so many addictions. I use to be an alcoholic and God changed my life in such a short amount of time. I care so much about everyone who is battling with the same things that I use to. 
WWG: How are you different from other women your age? 
SA: I am different because I have truly given my life up so that I can live for Jesus Christ. I have turned away from worldly things so that I can continue to seek Gods kingdom first.
WWG: How are you similar? 
SA: I am similar to other women my age because I have made many mistakes but there is no condemnation in Christ. I am a working progress
Be sure to follow Shalee below:
Social Media : Podcast-Loveletterfromchrist (available apple iTunes/ Spotify)
IG- shalee_alcendor
youtube: Shalee Alcendor

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