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Christine was born in Belgium, in 1959 and has lived in the UK for over 25 years. Her past holds much pain, but it did not stop her from changing her life and building the future she wanted.
Christine had a hard life as a child and a young adult. She suffered abuse in the hands of the nuns and children in boarding school, her father and her first husband. She endured over 20 years of cruelty, abuse, bullying and was beaten into a coma.
After having left her abusive home, she was penniless and homeless and had a tumultuous adolescence rife with promiscuity and alcohol. Through grit and determination, she became a successful businesswoman and serial entrepreneur and she has set up 15 businesses.
Christine is a Bestselling Author, a wife, a mother, a serial entrepreneur, public speaker, and internet marketer. She has written 6 books: 1 novel (her own life story) and 5 business books.
She wants to empower and inspire the world with her novel “No Fourth River”, based on a true story: her own life. She wants to help others to discover their strengths. She wrote her novel to let the world know that despite the pain of your past, YOU have the ability to change your future.
Her novel “No Fourth River” is about having the strength to choose, the strength to become who you want to be, regardless of your bad past. She is living proof of what somebody is capable of achieving when pushed beyond the extreme of extremes.
Christine has also started the campaign #BraveMe where everyone can share their story of how they have overcome hardship in their lives. This campaign is to give people a platform to share their own inspiring stories and in turn, give courage to others who suffer in silence.
Christine is now married to her “rock”, her second husband, an English gentleman who she raised a family with – twin daughters and four stepchildren.
Her traumatic past has left her with several incurable conditions (short-term memory loss among others) but she doesn’t dwell on them and enjoys life to the full.
After endless torment, Christine made it her mission to be so busy loving her life that she had no time for hate, regrets, negativity, worry or fear. She has achieved her mission.

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