Sunny LaRue

“Blogging is nothing more than having a conversation with oneself then inviting strangers to join in.”

Hello, I’m Sunny Larue known as the professional martini drinking blogger. My passion for writing started thirty-three years ago at the tender age of fifteen. Diagnosed a manic depressive and feeling like an outcast, I would retreat to my favorite hiding spot. There I would create stories of being on a wild adventure rescuing the world. All these years later I decided to put my life experiences to use by creating this website. Here an outlet for posting ideas that will hopefully inspire readers to write their own adventures.

👉The First Step Is Always The Scariest👈

Taking that first step is always the scariest but once you step across into the realm of blogging, you will find enlightenment and self-confidence. Seeing your thoughts coming to life is an accomplishment that is beautiful and rewarding. Writing is my heart, soul, and passion. This blog is an open dialog into the mind of my struggles with mental disorder aka my “Chum”.  As you will discover my writings are about self-discovery, love, and loss inspired by real-life events.

“Write until it becomes as natural as breathing. Write until not writing makes you anxious.”

I welcome you to continue this journey of self-discovery and enlightenment with me by following my blogs and short stories. Your feedback is always welcome. My hope is to inspire a generation of readers to indulge in their imagination to bring their inspiration to life.

Thank you💚

Remember to be Kind, be Creative and Drink Responsibly!

Sunny LaRue

I’m Sunny Larue blogger, writer, music lover, and martini admirer.

My bloggers are about self-discovery with a positive vibe.

My stories are about love and loss inspired by real-life events.

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3 thoughts on “Blog Feature| Sunny Larue

  1. Great feature story. I am now following her!
    Thanks for all do to uplift and encourage women all over the world! @womenwithgifts

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