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When simply katricia was born, it was a result of a divorce from a shared blog. A rebirth of space for me to identify and share my likes and dislikes in the areas of interest. Allowing me to freely enjoy my natural highlights of life without resentment, ridicule, or judgment of why. No one to answer to or compare to but the person I was yesterday. I was and am alone here, left to reflect on mistakes, accomplishments and just being within my thoughts.

I named the blog section of simply katricia, thoughts. We all have thoughts. Mine, speak clearer than the words that actually come from my vocal chords. While in my own thoughts, I am starting to really examine what I truly like and don’t like about myself, through this portal of writing.

What are my natural highlights? Besides the silver strands that are multiplying all around my head, my natural highlights are what makes me, me. I enjoy writing, am I good at it – of course not. I didn’t study journalism and wasn’t an English major, I just like to express my thoughts through text.

I enjoy empowering women with knowledge about health and wellness. With every question that comes to mind, there’s a thought of how many other women have these same thoughts, feelings or misunderstandings about what’s happening in their existence? While raising a young lady, making sure to answer these questions are highly important. Another enjoying part of simply katricia is celebrating natural hair and products related to natural hair and body care.

Simply Katricia is a growing brand. Although I enjoy discussing a lot of topics, I’m trying to stay focused on only a few. Which can be so difficult sometimes, especially when there are so many fun and interesting topics to discuss, that I most likely have an opinion about.

Simply Katricia is a lifestyle blog of stories related to real life experiences of a natural woman in New York City.






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